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Labour Ministry Notifications & Corporate Governance

ESIC: New unified Website made Operational

•    Unified website of ESIC has now been integrated with Regional Offices, Sub- Regional Offices, ESIC Hospitals and ESI Institutions through Micro websites and web pages

•    The website is user friendly and hosts many new features

•    Unique User ID & Password shall be provided to each such office/institution

•    These offices/institutions shall be required to upload the contents/information on their respective web pages of the Micro website effective 10th May 2019

Corporate Governance: Digital Compliance essential to comply with SEBI’s Insider Trading Norms

•    SEBI’s Insider Training Norms have made it essential for all listed companies to maintain a Digital Database.

•    Digital Database should be properly structured with effective internal checks and controls like time stamping, name and ID of people having access to the data.

•    Main aim is to establish a database which cannot be tampered with and which can be audited anytime easily.

•   SEBI has specifically fixed the liability upon the Directors of the company for maintaining a structured digital data.

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