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Kashmir: Joint team of Legal Metrology, Food Safety, FCSCA and revenue realised fine of Rs.8,200/-upon inspection

•    The Departments of Legal Metrology, Urban Local Bodies, Food Safety, Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCSCA) and Revenue, conducted a conjoint check in the markets of Bandipora (Kashmir).

•    Through such conjoint check, violations of overcharging, thus violating the Legal Metrology Laws and the Government approved rates have been detected.

•    Hefty fines have been realised from the erring shopkeepers.

•    Further, the Department of Legal Metrology has registered certain cases against 17 such erring shopkeepers for violating the Legal Metrology Laws

•    Compliance Takeaway: Legal Metrology though a lesser known Act, its compliance is essential to every manufacturer and packer of goods. Its non-compliance can lead to severe action by the authorities

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