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Labour Reforms: Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Bill, 2019 cleared by Union Cabinet

  • Proposed bill will merge the existing 13 legislations on occupational health and safety into one.
  • It shall be applicable to every establishment employing 10 or more workers. Intended to benefit more than 400 million work force across India.
  • Union Cabinet has already cleared the Labour Code on wages. As per the Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar, “The proposed Code enhances the coverage of workers manifold as it would be applicable to all establishments employing 10 or more workers across industries and service sectors and will ensure that all workers now get an offer letter besides an annual medical check-up”.
  • The Code also aims towards ease of doing business with one unified license and return replacing the existing practice of multiple licenses and returns
  • Following are projected to be the salient features of the approved Code:
  • Uniform threshold for welfare provisions like crèche, canteen, first aid, welfare officer, etc.
  • Victims or heirs of victims of grievous injury or death during work to receive part of the penalty imposed on the employer for contraventions leading to such injuries.
  • Consenting Women allowed to work during night shifts subject to condition relating to safety and working hours, holidays etc
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