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EHS Negligence: Companies Pay the Price

1. Boiler accident in medicine factory

•    Four workers of a medicine manufacturing factory in Tirunelveli suffered severe burn injuries after a boiler was opened accidentally
•    Preliminary investigations revealed that the manufacturing factory had a large stock of turmeric and other inflammable chemicals
•    It took four hours of fire-fighting to put the flames in control

   2. EHS Negligence: Worker death

•    A worker died at the Parle-Sugar factory after falling from the boiler of the distillery
•    The other employees at the mill rushed to the spot to find him lying unconscious and later was declared dead by the doctors
•    The Parle factory had awarded the contract of implanting the boiler to a private company and the deceased was a worker of the latter engaged in the work of constructing the boiler.
•    The accident leading to the death is attributed to the negligence of the factory pertaining to safety issues.

Takeaway: Respect for life and safety of workers is a paramount compliance under the Factories Act. Non-compliance can lead to cancellation of factory licenses, imprisonment of the Occupier and industrial disharmony.

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