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9 hour work day set to become a Legal Mandate! Wage Code Rules 2019

The labour ministry is set to legitimize a nine-hour regular working day as against eight hours. This is as per the recent Draft Wage Code Rules, 2019, put out by it in the public domain.

“The number of hours which shall constitute a normal working day… shall be of nine hours,” state the draft Wage Code Rules.

The draft Rules will be finalised in December 2019.

Further, for the purpose of setting minimum wages, the country will be divided into three geographic categories – metropolitan area with a population of 40 lakh or more, non-metropolitan area with a population of 10-40 lakh and rural areas, state the draft rules.

House rent will be 10% of the minimum wage, state the Wage Code Rules, without classifying whether it would be higher based on the category of the cities people live in. The rules also state that expenditure on fuel, electricity and miscellaneous items will constitute 20% of the minimum wage.

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