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Regional Conference Nagpur

28th April, 2018

C-Quel Headquarter

12th April, 2018

Business impact of data breach training for managers

Analysis and suggestion to Union Ministry of Labour and Employment

9th April, 2018 – Kolkata

C-Quel’s analysis and suggestions were highly appreciated by Ministry officials

Ramen Pandey
-Member,Central Board of Trustees
Sushobhan Sarkar
-Managing Director, C-Quel

Annual Day, SSAI, Feb 2017
Event Theme: Re-engineering India Labour Laws
Theme Ideator & Content Provider : C-Quel

POSH Portal Launch 2017

Presenter: C-Quel

Topic: Aache Din in Labour Laws
Presenter: C-Quel

Event Theme: Recent Developments in Social Security

Theme Ideator & Content Provider : C-Quel