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Sexual Harassment Plaints at Workplace even during Lockdown! How C-Quel’s POSH Training can Help!

New Job Opportunities II Apprenticeship Law 2014-2020

Back to Work: Safety Guidelines from NDMA & Labour

In this quick overview of NDMA & Labour back-to-work safety guidelines, C-Quel outlines the main compliances to be followed by companies as they return to work after the lockdown lift.

Supreme Court’s Latest Order:Salary Cut during Lockdown dt 12 Jun 20

In its continuing series on the Supreme Court petition on payment of wages and salary during locking by private employers, C-Quel analyzes the latest Supreme Court order of 12 June 2020. The Apex Court provides a framework for negotiation with workers and employees and adopts a holistic view towards post lockdown employment opportunities

Symphony: Customized Payroll Services _ ESS Cloud Mobile Based _ Flexi Pay

C-Quel offers clients all in one feature rich payroll software & services with employee self-service portal, flexi pay, NPS, payroll mobile app and a host of other customizable features! Don’t wait – call C-Quel now for a live demo!

Supreme Court’s Order on Payment of Wages

Watch C-Quel's concise legal update on the recent Supreme Court of India order of 4th June 2020 on the Payment of Wages by Employers during lockdown.


R.E.S.T.A.R.T: Compliance SOP for Lockdown Exit

India's Central Govt and State Govt notifications on SOPs to be followed by industries and establishments post lockdown.

महामारी PF लोन के लिए किस प्रकार अप्लाई कर सकते हैं? C-Quel से जानें !

EPF ne apne subscribers ke liye special 75% pf loan/ advance ki ghoshna ki hai. Ayiye jaaniye isse kaise prapt kar sakte hain?

Update your EPF KYC _ C-Quel EPF Tutorial

In the current times you cannot get EPF services without having KYC verified. Join C-Quel in this quick KYC for EPF tutorial to get your PF benefits smoothly!

EPS मासिक पेंशन के लिए ऑनलाइन अप्लाई कैसे करें ? C-Quel से सुने सही तरीका

हैलो ईपीएफ उपभोगताओं! आज का वीडियो विशेष तोर पर लाखों EPS Pensioners के लिए तयार किया हैं। हम सभी EPF members को बतायेंगे किस तरह से EPS 95 मासिक पेंशन के लिए ऑनलाइन अप्लाई कैसे करें कर सकते हैं !!

Your EPS Monthly Pension : How to Apply without Rejections _ C-Quel Clarifies

Do you know you can apply for EPS member pension online? What are the dos and dont's so that the online application is not rejected? C-Quel clarifies

How to Get Your Nominee & Children Pension Easily

Hello EPF subscribers ! Check C-Quel's tutorial on how to obtain your EPF Spouse/ Parents/ Nominee and Children Pension easily- no fear of long checklists and endless documents !No fear of rejections anymore with this clarity !

POSH Complaints Increase during Lockdown _ Sensitization & Code of Conduct Training from C-Quel

Get IC Trained / Best IC POSH Training
Get Employees Trained in POSH Get Senior Managers Trained in POSH
Get POSH e-Module
Get POSH LMS Content POSH Classroom Training

Problem Getting your PF Transferred? Quick C-Quel EPF Tutorial

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75% PF Advance for COVID _ C-Quel Shows You How to Apply _ PF Tutorial

The EPFO has announced a special PF advance to provide subscribers with extra liquidity during the pandemic. #C-Quel show you the procedure to apply for it and clarifies your doubts.

Contractor Compliance Bothering You? C-Quel Cloud Compliance Audit Services – Quick Overview

Is contractor non-compliance giving your company a headache? Check out our end to end statutory compliance services on the cloud, on the ground and always high performance!! Call C-Quel now!!

CTC Impact of Recent EPF Rate Cut _ C-Quel Quick Labour Law Tutorial

Join C-Quel as it walks you through the maze of the recent EPF Rate cut.
Is it optional or mandatory to cut the PF contribution rate?
Is the reduced rate going to lead to an increased CTC for the employee?
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Ask C-Quel for more !

Is Your Business Getting Post Lockdown Shivers? C-Quel can Help with SOP Audits !  _ C-Quel Quick Labour Law Tutorial 

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How Safe is Your Office Canteen Post Lockdown? New FSSAI Rules & SOP Audit _ C-Quel Quick Labour Law Tutorial

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