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Fathering the Business : How One Biz Leader Made Empathy the Key Driver

June 21, 2021 | by C-Quel Legal Research Team


Do you know the hottest business trend of 2021? It’s empathy! No, we are not joking. Empathy is trending as the number one reason why business will remain sustainable in 2021.The keywords Empathy in Business throw up more than 6.4 million pages in Google search and more than 2.9 million videos !! Isn’t this incredible? Millions of employees worldwide are looking at business to do more than just generate profits. So, on the eve of Father’s Day 2021, we thought of telling you the compelling story of one person who fathered a business. Mr. Sushobhan Sarkar, MD. C-Quel. More power to Business Leaders with the Father’s Heart! More Power to the Heart of Business !