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Compliance Audit

Compliance is the ultimate key to success!

We are proud to host comprehensive compliance services Pan-India, to Fortune 500 companies, MNCs and PSUs across 51 cities.

Adhering to compliance is of utmost importance in today’s face paced work environment. C-quel is one of the most reliable and trusted compliance training company in India empowering a wide range of compliance training solutions across varied verticals. Our approach to compliance training is rather a very simple mechanism. All the training modules are curated with detailed accuracy and covers dynamic subject matters such as minimal risk management, statutory and regulatory compliance frameworks and impacts of non compliance. Our compliance trainings are unique and user-friendly. We go beyond the call of duty to spread a constant and continuous awareness and updates through our cloud based portals along with a tracking software and even a mobile app that can keep a track of your compliance score units.

Changing ecosystems requires greater compliance checks.

At C-Quel, we truly believe that compliance audits are essential to evaluate the current standing of company in terms of adhering to framework of regulations that coincide and support company’s overall vision, objectives and core values.

We specialise in conducting intensive company and contractor audit under labour laws and all applicable laws,PAN-India.

Compliance audit does involve a wide array of checks at stipulated time interval and C-Quel’s compliance audit system holistically approaches all aspects with optimal accuracy and precision. The final outcomes of audit reports are reviewed with great detail to enhance smooth functioning of multi dimensional companies and accelerate better overall growth prospects.

We conduct company audit & contractor audit under labour laws and all applicable laws, Pan-India

Vendor/ Contractor Audit

  1. Conduct trainings for client and its vendors on Ease of Doing compliance
  2. Train vendors on new regulatory framework and obligations
  3. Publish annual audit calendar and share with vendors
  4. Guide vendors on statutory formats to be maintained
  5. Provide regulatory clarifications to vendors if requested
  6. Conduct monthly audit of contractor records of all Vendors at a location fixed by the client
  7. Connect with vendors through email for compliance audit and provide the list of documents for audit
  8. Archive vendor documents on monthly ongoing basis
  9. Conduct workmen interview
  10. Provide list of no-show vendors to client
  11. Provide list of documents not received from vendors to clients
  12. Publish audit report with non-compliance summary, high-medium-low risks and impact of non-compliance
  13. Conduct corrective action audit
  14. Review the compliance report and risk analysis with client
  15. Upload vendor compliance scores in Mobile App, Score Kya Hai
  16. Advise on changes in contract labour law
  17. Advise clients on notices received from Client and “Clients Vendors” on the compliance / associated risk with respect the applicable labour laws.

Company’s Compliance Audit

  1. Check on time payment under all labour laws
  2. Check displays under all applicable Acts
  3. Check set-up of POSH Committee and POSH display by client with quarterly MOM
  4. Check registrations as applicable under all labour laws
  5. Check renewals as applicable under all labour laws
  6. Check status of exemptions as applicable under all labour laws
  7. Check status of preparation of monthly registers under all applicable laws
  8. Check submission of returns under all applicable laws on monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly/ annual basis as applicable
  9. Check response to Inspections and impact thereof
  10. Check status of archiving of documents for future Inspections
  11. Check status and impact of contractor non-compliance vis-a-vis reco with Income Tax Form 26Q
  12. Check if model policies have been drafted in accordance with changes in law, as applicable
  13. Publish audit report with scores, high-medium-low risks categorized, top 10 risks, non-compliance summary, legal provisions and impact
  14. Review report with client and advice forward path