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Contract Labour Registration

Vendor Non-Compliance Delays CLRA RC

Long-pending CLRA registrations were stuck with the Delhi Labour Department. CLRA registration applications need to be done through the Delhi Labour Portal, where each vendor needs to upload specific compliance-related documents, eg. Wage registers, bank Statements, PF, ESI filing details etc. The Authority indicated that almost all Vendor documents had conspicuous discrepancies, which had led to the delay. We immediately swung into action and decided to do a complete Vendor compliance document audit, despite audit not being in our scope. We found major irregularities, in terms of incorrect misplaced records, incorrect data, mismatch in headcounts etc. After several detailed audit sessions, we were finally able to sanitize the vendor compliance documents and informed client about the discrepancies. Finally, all the licenses were cleared by the Authority.

Top Level Escalation to Resolve Delayed CLRA RC

The concerned Labour Authority was holding up a set of CLRA RCs inordinately. We were assigned the task to facilitate an early closure. Upon establishing contact, we found that the reason for delay was owing to severe addresses mismatch in vendor Wage registers. Our Team decided to conduct a document audit for all such Vendors and found that the office addresses, as captured by the Vendors in the Wage Registers were not the same as the ones mentioned in the Form V. It took time for the Vendors to upload and share the wage registers, after updating them with the correct office addresses. Upon a green signal from the client, we again conducted an audit to find out any misses and finally the CLRA RCs were issued by the Authority.

Remote Licensing Solution: Clean Victory for Clean Compliance

While filing for a Contract Labour Registration, our Application Team was faced with a persisting IT glitch. The technical glitch in the portal was preventing us from making the final payment and our team spent a considerable amount of time to find alternatives in the portal. Our Liaisoning Team was called in to escalate the matter to the concerned Labour officials. After several phone calls we understood that the concerned State Labour Department officials were not in a position to help us solve this technical glitch. We tried contacting the State Labour IT Team but unfortunately, none of them were available to help us solve this issue. Without being discouraged, our Liaisoning Team conducted a further deep dive and reached out to the highest Govt. officials in the State to reach a solution. Our honest efforts again bore fruit and we were connected with the IT-in charge of the said department. Upon explaining the technical issue, he took an active interest in getting the issue resolved and proposed to enter our system through remote access. This was a defining moment for our Team as we witnessed a New India coming forward, disregarding all red-tapism and reluctance, to resolve a genuine issue. After spending about half an hour on our system, the issue was finally resolved, and we were able to make the license payment. We firmly believe that it is our motto of clean compliance and high ethical standards which had played a key role in convincing the Senior Govt. official to resolve this issue and finally obtain the Contract Labour Registration. A clean victory for clean compliance!

3 Ps to License Achievement: Persuasion, Persistence and Proactivity

An electronic manufacturing MNC was stuck with their Contract Labour Registration in New Delhi for over 6 months. The reason for pendency was owing to the inadequacy of documents, as intimated by the concerned authority. We investigated the matter which involved extensive follow ups and physical meetings, to regularise the application after incorporating necessary corrective action. Our Team detected & corrected several flaws in the application and reapproached the authority. This time the Authority raised a different and peculiar objection. During filing of online application, the portal requires the registering person to put in their mother’s name, along with other details. When the application was originally filed by the client, the mother’s name portion was populated with an unvalidated name. We proactively submitted to the Authority that during the entry level of filing of the application, the Aadhaar verification of the registering person is conducted by the portal at the entry stage, hence further validation of the registering person’s identity was not required. The Authority was convinced with our argument and issued us the Contract Labour Registration Certificate at once.