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FSSAI License

Compliance after office hours: Finding the Ethical Key

A Food License of a logistics MNC was pending with the concerned authority for over 3 months. We had been informed that the concerned Licensing Officer was involved in a verbal spat with the client representatives in the past, which had led to this inordinate delay. Our Govt. Liaison Team tried contacting the concerned officer, however, our calls and text messages went unanswered. Realising the challenge, we decided to contact the highest office in the concerned department for help. However, we found out that a new official had been appointed in the highest office, only a few days ago and unfortunately, we could not obtain his contact details. Our Govt. Liaison Team decided to track the new officer’s earlier postings and after several phone calls through various references and channels, we were able to obtain his contact details. Our Team tried contacting him, but we failed to reach out to him. To our surprise, our Team received a call from his office, after office hours. We explained the background of the pending Food license and the inordinate delay associated with it. Our approach of clean and ethical compliance coupled with our bona fide intentions was clearly visible before him. He concluded by saying that he shall resolve the matter at the earliest. However, to our utmost surprise, the FSSAI License was issued to us within half an hour of the call! This was possible only because we explained our motto of clean compliance and adherence to high ethical standards in achieving statutory compliance for our clients!

Target Achieved: C-Quel knocks, Govt. responds

For over two months our client was unable to obtain a Food License (FSSAI), stuck in the State of Punjab. We made several calls to the said location and was referred to one office from another. In a move to close the loop, we sent our Team member to visit the said location and ensure physical submission of all relevant documents. We were gladly received by the authorities, but we realised that we were face-to-face with a complex situation. The concerned issuing officer, who had been transferred very recently was not yet allotted her online portal login. While she was willing to issue us the license upon perusal of all documents, she expressed her inability owing to the pendency in her portal access. Our HQ Team brainstormed over the issue and decided to approach the higher authorities in this regard. After several representations, the higher authorities took cognizance of the problem and promptly issued the login access to the concerned issuing officer. Once the login access was granted, the Food License got issued in a flash!