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Q&A with HR

Do we need to pay overtime to night shift workers?

Any shift from 5:30 PM to 1:30 AM will be treated as a night shift. If the concerned employees are WFH, then only a written consent will be needed from them. If the shift happens from the physical office, then POSH, security, transport and other compliance obligations will kick in. An intimation to Labour office will also be required along with an affidavit from the Employer regarding security arrangements. Written consent is also needed. Labour law does not mandate any night shift allowance. Overtime is payable only for excess hours clocked.

Do we need to pay OT to employees working on weekends in lieu of weekdays?

India labour law provides for a weekly off. Working on a Sunday in lieu of another off day will not be treated as overtime. Written employee consent is needed. Saturday working is permitted under India Labour law.