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Trade License

Mismatch Resolved – License & Permit Obtained

The Issue: Our Team was assigned with the task of obtaining a long-pending Trade License for a remote location in West Bengal. Client was unable to understand the reason for pendency and requested us to resolve the issue. Our Team member travelled to the remote location and established contact with the concerned Licensing Authorities in the municipality to understand the situation.

The Solution: The Authority notified us that the pin code of the business premises as mentioned in the Lease Deed was not only incorrect but also non-existent. Our research showed us that the pin code was indeed incorrectly mentioned in the lease deed and did not match the actual pin code of the area. We understood that obtaining a corrected Lease Deed would take weeks if not a month’s time and our Client had already flagged this site off as Critical.

Without wasting any time, our on-ground Team Member admitted to the discrepancy and appealed before the Licensing authority about the criticality of this Trade License. In essence, he explained that huge number of jobs were on hold owing to the non-issuance of the Trade License and further explained the site’s contribution towards the local economy, once the site is activated.

The Success in Representation: Based on our relentless persuasion on jobs and EODB, the Licensing Authority finally issued us the Trade License after inscribing the correct pin code of the business premise.

Trade License obtained despite heavy monsoon rains

Our Team was entrusted with obtaining a Trade License for a remote location in West Bengal in July. West Bengal monsoons are in full swing during that period and travel becomes a huge challenge owing to inundation and flooding. Despite such adverse weather conditions, we decided to send our Team member to crack this critical case.

With a positive attitude our Team member proceeded to the concerned Municipality where he faced non-cooperation from the concerned issuing authority. Realising the situation, our Team member tried connecting with Higher officials, but unfortunately that did not elicit any response. Considering the urgency, our Team member decided to travel to the office of the Higher Authority, 26 kms away from the Municipality office. Braving the heavy rainfall, he travelled to the said office and luckily, he was assured total support for an early facilitation of the Trade License and appropriate directions were issued to the concerned license issuing authority.

Within a few minutes our Team Member received a call from the said Municipality and was requested by the same non-cooperative officials to visit the office at once. He again drove back 26 kms amid the flooding and rainfall and the Municipality officials were surprised to witness the grit of our team and our commitment towards achieving this license. Although the Municipality office closes by 4:30 pm, the officials stayed back till 7 pm and finally issued the Trade License. In the end, this was another huge victory for ethical compliance, where our professionalism and passion overtook the hurdles placed before us.

The Victory of Passion : Achieving the unachievable

One of our Client was having difficulty in obtaining a Trade License renewal in a remote Gram Panchayat location in West Bengal. Our Govt. Liaison Team swung into action and attempted to establish contact with the concerned Trade Licensing Authority. However, owing to Covid duties, the officials were uncontactable. Without being discouraged, we decided to deploy a Senior Resource from our Govt. Liaison Team to obtain the Renewal. Despite all Covid restrictions, our Team Member managed to reach the remote Gram Panchayat office and attempted to obtain the renewal. We were faced with another roadblock in the form of red-tapism and corrupt attitude of officials. In the face of such stiff opposition, our Govt. Liaison team contacted the concerned District Magistrate’s office and sought help. Realising our intent of clean and ethical compliance, the District Magistrate’s office offered us immediate help by instructing the concerned licensing authority to expedite our renewal. One last obstacle was still to be cleared. The concerned Licensing Authority informed us that the final issuance can only happen upon the signature of the Panchayat Pradhan, who unfortunately was absent from office. Our Senior Team Member took up the challenge in his stride and decided to drive to the Panchayat Pradhan’s house to achieve the task at about 7:00pm in the evening. Upon reaching his house, the Pradhan was impressed by our passion towards work, upholding our motto of clean and ethical compliance and inscribed his signature. The Trade License renewal was finally achieved due to our unwavering dedication and ethical approach towards compliance!

License Renewal Achieved: Trade category confusion resolved

A major warehousing company had approached us to apply for renewal of a Trade License for their business premises, situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad. During filing of the online application in the designated portal, our Team faced a major roadblock, in regard to ‘category of business’. The online portal had several dropdown options for ‘category of business’, however none of them were close to ‘Warehousing’ operations. However, our application team had indicated the option of a ‘Gudaam’ in the online portal, since in local Hyderabadi parlance a ‘Gudaam’ is synonymous to a ‘Warehouse’. Our Govt. Liaison Team was deputed with the task of verifying the terminology issued in the Portal. We spoke to the concerned authority and explained the roadblock in the portal. We were proved right when the Authority themselves explained to us that a ‘Gudaam’ is indeed held to be a ‘Warehouse’ for the purposes on the online portal. Thereafter, we went ahead with a hassle-free application filing and the renewed Trade License certificate was issued to us within a week.

Online License Facilitation: Govt. accepts C-Quel’s EODB suggestion

While filing for an online Trade License in Tamil Nadu, our Application Team realised that our Client’s nature of trade was not available as an option in the portal. We tried contacting the authorities handling the said portal, but they expressed their helplessness and asked us to wait till the portal is updated. However, time was of the essence and we decided to make multiple representations to senior officials in the State Govt. to intervene. After telephonic discussions, physical meetings and several e-mails, the higher authorities responded favourably towards our concern. Accepting that the portal needs upgradation in terms of the changing contours of business operations and type of business, appropriate orders were issued to ensure that the portal was updated with a host of nature of business, which included our Client’s business category. C-Quel’s tireless efforts to ensure ease of doing business in the said portal will go on to benefit many businesses in the future.