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Licenses & Permits

Trade License

One of the basic business licenses required to operate any business in India. It is issued by the State Government, through local municipal corporations upon payment of requisite fees and submission of mandatory documents, as determined by the Authority after inspection. The facility is both online & offline, depending on the jurisdiction. Our expert team offers hassle free, one-stop solutions in providing document checklists, application preparation & filing, inspections follow-ups till final issuance of the License. Additionally, we offer 360-degree License Life cycle management services as well.

Basic document checklist
  • Lease Agreement
  • Landlord NOC
  • Business owner details (PAN/Aadhaar, address proof, photo)
  • Property tax receipt
  • Photograph of premise
Case Study
  • A municipality in a South Indian state was offering online trade license registration facilities through a newly established portal.
  • Our Team encountered multiple challenges during filing of the online application, including non-availability of correct premises address from the drop-down and the absence of the correct nature of trade.
  • The Client was in a hurry and wanted us to file it offline, but our Application Team pressed on their efforts and managed to file the application online after guidance from the IT Dept. of the concerned authority.
  • The Trade License was issued to us, but we found that the address and nature of trade was recorded incorrectly.
  • Our Govt. Liasoning team was deployed to follow up with the respective municipality, including senior officers from the respective department to resolve the portal issue.
  • Our efforts bore fruit and an acknowledgement mail was sent by the concerned department confirming the loopholes in the online portal and allowing us to continue business operations till the amended license copy is issued by the department, after effecting necessary changes in the portal.

Shops & Estt RC

Issued by the Labour Department under State govts, the Shops & Establishment Registration is a mandatory compliance point for any business operating in India with a physical presence. Shops & Establishments include offices, store-rooms, godowns, warehouses, commercial establishments, residential hotel, restaurant, eating-house, theatres etc. Applications are filed both online/offline. The online portals frequently require offline follow-up with Labour departments to solve technical glitches or to resolve queries. Upon resolution of the queries, along with mandatory documents, a Registration certificate is issued for a defined period, which needs to be mandatorily displayed in the licensed premises. Our expert team having a Pan-India presence has been successfully filing and obtaining S&E registrations for our clients across India.

Basic document checklist
  • Signed Application Form
  • Lease Agreement
  • COI, MOA, AOA of the Company/LLP Agreement
  • PAN card of business/ business owner
  • Board Resolution
  • List of Directors/Partners
  • Electricity bill
  • Professional Tax receipt
  • Property Tax receipt
Case Study
  • While filing for S&E Registration our Team came across a peculiar issue.
  • The State single window portal was allowing us to file applications, however, the applied copy was not reaching the concerned officials on their system, leading to pendency and even rejection.
  • Our Liasoning team got in touch with concerned govt. officials and addressed our concerns.
  • Internally, the matter was taken up by the concerned Govt. department and they sent a mail to the portal tech support team in this regard.
  • The tech team swung into action and the portal discrepancy was resolved in record time!


Every organisation that employs contract labourers through a contractor needs to file an application for Contract Labour registration with the State Labour Department. Every contractor intending to deploy contract labour at any site needs to obtain a Contract Labour License. The threshold for obtaining a Registration/License varies from state to state, with non-registration carrying penal consequences. The process is both online and offline, depending on the State. Some States offer the online registration through a Single-window portal, while others allow such registration and licensing to be done through State Labour Departments. Our expert Licensing Team has strong experience in handling complex Contract Labour Registrations for major MNCs and corporate giants, across various States.

Basic document checklist
  • Trade License
  • AOA, MOA
  • Form I
  • Agreement Copy
Case Study
  • Delhi Online Portal


Most states in India including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand & Gujarat have implemented a facility of Single Window Business clearances. After registering in this portal through Common Application Form (CAF), applicants can apply for multiple registrations/licenses/permits, for example, Factory License, CLRA Registration, Environment Consent, Legal Metrology registration, Trade License etc. However, it is noteworthy that all such single window portals are yet to be fully functional and suffer from intermittent technical glitches. Our Application Team has considerable expertise in identifying the relevant authority and effecting required changes to ensure completion of the application process through the CAF system.

Basic document checklist
  • Layout Drawings
  • Yearly turnover
  • Details of investment
  • Proposed Employment

Food License – FSSAI

A Food License or FSSAI License is a strict legal mandate to operate any food-related business in India. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a legal authority that offers a food license to all Food Business Operators (FBO) in India and all FBOs are bound to abide by the guidelines, rules & regulations of the authority. An FBO needs to apply for FSSAI License or Registration, which is determined by certain factors like the size of production, turnover, nature of food business activities and range of operations. Licensing/Registration needs to be filed through FOSCOS, a new online portal which has been introduced recently in line with the ease of doing business initiatives of the Govt. Our expert team can help your business file Food licenses for any location in India by providing consultations on eligibility & document checklist, preparation and filing of application, ensure timely follow up with concerned authorities, support during site inspections and finally obtain the license/registration.

Basic document checklist
  • Lease Deed/ Premises Ownership Proof
  • FSMS Plan
  • Electricity bill
  • ID Proof of Business owners
  • Nomination Form

Legal Metrology

Under the Legal Metrology Laws of India, selling or distributing all packaged goods in India, for eg. export goods, food products, and consumer goods requires certificate from the Legal Metrology Department. The scope of LMR registration is to standardise and comply with the measurement and weighing mandates of the Govt. of India, for all packaged products. The Controller of Legal Metrology, appointed at the State level is the issuing authority for three categories of LMR registrations –

i. Manufacturer
ii. Repairer of Weights & Measures
iii. Dealer of Weights & Measures.

Our experienced Licensing Team can help your business obtain all necessary registrations, renewals along with necessary document support for filing complex applications, supported by follow up with concerned govt. authorities for obtaining the relevant registrations.

Basic document checklist
  • ID Proof of applicant
  • Lease agreement of premises
  • Consent Letter from manufacturer
  • GST Registration
  • Model Approval Certificate for weights & measures

LIN – Labour Identification Number

The Ministry of Labour & Employment in furtherance of the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ has introduced an online web portal, Shram Suvidha Portal, which acts as a single platform for all labour compliances. It is a single point of contact for Enforcement Agencies, Principal Employers & Employees and Contractors for transparency in reporting, inspection management and swift redressal of grievances. Through this portal, the Government issues a unique identification number, Labour Identification Number (LIN) issued to Employers. It is provided to businesses enabling them to submit returns and get various registrations required under Labour laws at a single online window. A unit registered with different Labour enforcement agencies is identified uniquely and allotted a single unique LIN. Our experts in the Licensing Team can help businesses obtain this critical registration with ease and speed.

Basic document checklist
  • Digital Signature of Employer
  • GST Certificate
  • Lease Deed
  • Cancelled Cheque

Provident Fund/ESI Rgistration

Establishments employing 20 or more employees are mandatorily required to register with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). EPFO registration is obtained through the Shram Suvidha Portal. Thereafter individual UANs (Universal Account Number) for all eligible employees are generated through the EPFO portal.

Establishments employing 10 or more employees are mandatorily required to obtain Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) registration to cover the medical and hospitalisation costs of employees. ESI registration is also obtained through the Shram Suvidha Portal. Employees registered under the ESI enjoy a range of benefits like medical attendance and treatment for the person insured and their families.

Our Expert Licensing Team helps businesses obtain both the EPFO and ESI registrations with ease. Our services include, application preparation, filing, status update, Govt. follow ups till issuance of relevant registrations.

Basic document checklist
  • PAN of Employer & Company
  • Digital Signature of Employer
  • GST Certificate
  • Lease Deed
  • Cancelled Cheque