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Through a host of Case Studies we show you how it all happens in the real world and how to handle it. See how the law comes alive with these real time instances.

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Simply Legal

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act & Rules, 2013 (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal). Complex legal terms explained in simple, easy to understand terms At-a-Glance Overview of the major legal provisions

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Roll Out & Kick Off

This is the Manager's Ready Reckoner for the actual implementation. A Step by Step Practical Guide which shows you how to get started with the law & how to implement it on an ongoing basis. This section comes embellished with Court Judgments & FAQs.

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Simply Quiz

Take our real time quizzes to assess whether all that you've read is finally coming together and making sense. We promise you won't have testing times with these easy quizzes. Quizzes are at 3 levels: Level-1, ICC & Advanced. Download the certificate of Completion after you take the Quiz. Let's go!

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Radha, a contractual employee, works as a Security Guard in a manufacturing company. One day, the GM of the company made a pass at her during a night shift. When she refused his advances, he threatened to have her sacked. The next day Radha approached the facility manager and orally lodged her complaint against the GM for sexual harassment.

Points to Ponder

  1. Is it a case of sexual harassment?
  2. Should the facility manager accept her verbal complaint or ask her to file a written compliant before taking any action?

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