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Smart Compliance Management & AI
How C-Quel’s Smart Compliance transforms organizations to become 100% compliant
1. Monthly & State-wise Regulatory Compliance Calendar: C-Quel’s compliance tool can track complex laws and updates and create simple to follow month-wise, State-wise calendars for your compliances, risks, and Inspections.
2. Real-time Legal Updates: On a daily basis, we read through government websites, official gazettes, and other official publications to get you real-time legal updates. In the form of bulleted impact analysis, PPTs and YouTube shorts. Published weekly.
3. E- Efficiencies: Our Pledge to Comply tool has automated compliance and compliance audits across labour and non-labour laws to achieve incredible e-efficiencies.
4. Document Repository: All compliance documents are available in an organized format available 24/7 in a centralized repository which can be easily sorted, searched, or filtered on several parameters, without any dependency on stakeholders.
5. Smart AI Monitoring: All compliance due dates and assigned tasks are dynamically driven into intelligent dashboards powering compliance intelligence, compliance scoreboards, and real-time compliance monitoring and reporting.
6. Mock Drills: Don’t fear Inspectors and Inspections anymore. Our Compliance Mock Drills keep the entire compliance machinery across offices, factories and warehouses on its toes. Ready for any Inspection or audit challenge!
7. Smart Inspection Handling: When we are able to audit, organize, preserve all compliance documents for the company and its vendors so neatly and efficiently as well as provide legal support to draft responses to any show cause notice then clients tell us: this is truly the smartest compliance solution!