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C-Quel was brought in to handle retirals and compliances services for 8500 employees, after three well known vendors had consecutively failed to deliver.

When C-Quel took over, several hundred PF transfers and claims were pending. There were no claim trackers and no inventory of claims submitted by employees. Responses to employee mails were poor or at best intermittent. Shops & Establishment licenses were pending or never obtained; compliance returns and registers under various labour laws were not maintained; there were no vendor audits or documents and the company was facing a series of show cause notices from statutory authorities.

C-Quel established a robust CRM and Employee Help-Desk services; reached out en-masse to employees to restore retirals services, liaised with statutory authorities and expedited settlement of pending claims and transfers. A system of online claim processing and verification was established with employees. It also started publishing weekly MIS Dashboards for management, including CRM. Compliance documents archiving, regular monthly vendor audits, licensing, registrations and exemptions were also streamlined. A series of critical Inspections were successfully closed. Due to a robust CRM system, empathy with the customer-employee and strong liaising with the statutory authorities, an efficient, transparent and robust retirals and compliance mechanism was successfully established and maintained.