_ Case Studies

World’s Leading Refractory Company

Company had entrusted C-Quel with the responsibility to sell its PF securities portfolio as they wanted to transfer their Trust to the PF Department . C-Quel empanelled different reputed brokers, negotiated selling rates and made a substantial profit from this sale. This entire transaction was completed in 3 months’ time.

Negotiation with Insurance company to bring down Gratuity Premium Rates. Before C-Quel took over, the client would pay the sums demanded by the insurance company as Gratuity policy renewal premium without any challenge. After C-Quel the insurer’s senior management team was summoned to the client site for a meeting by C-Quel and the entire cost- benefit structure was analyzed. As a result of C-Quel’s analysis and constant follow-up with top management at the insurance company, the latter brought down the premium quotation significantly.

PF & Superannuation Transfers: When C-Quel took over the account, it was found that several employees’ PF & Superannuation transfers were pending since many years. C-Quel proactively co-ordinated with previous employers, PF offices and insurance offices, nationwide, to resolve these long pending transfers.