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After a change in ownership, from Indian owner to foreign management, C-Quel was hired to conduct a Pan-India labour compliance audit of all the factories. Subsequently, C-Quel was retained to offer regular compliance services to the client that included labour compliance for multiple factories, sales offices and warehouses, Pan-India; audit of non-labour laws and creation and maintenance of an online compliance portal.

SOX practices were introduced in compliance audit and in day to day compliance management; an online compliance portal and compliance app were created; extensive training and mentoring was provided to Unit HRMs all over the country and liaising with statutory authorities was initiated on behalf of the client. Over a period of one year, compliance scores improved from 50% to 85% finally reaching 95% + over a 2 year period. All company and vendor documents started getting archived and stored in the compliance portal making it easy to handle Labour Inspections and produce compliance documents on tap. Quarterly audit scores were published in the mobile app for high level management review. High risks were identified and consistently worked upon.

Today, we can proudly state, based on testimonials received from the Labour department itself, that this company has become a role model for industry for labour compliance and contract labour compliance management- backed by robust cloud systems.