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All Laws Compliance Audit

Celebrate on your Compliance Day!

An effective Compliance Audit does involve a wide range of checks at preset intervals, and C-Quel’s compliance audit system approaches all aspects with optimal accuracy and precision. A detailed review of the final audit reports is conducted to improve smooth functioning of multi-dimensional companies and accelerate growth prospects in general.
We are honoured to provide comprehensive compliance services to Fortune 500 enterprises including Multinational Corporations and Public Sector Organisations across 90 cities in India.
In today’s fast-paced work world, adhering to compliance is critical. C-quel is one of India’s most dependable and trusted compliance audit organisations, offering a wide range of compliance training solutions in a variety of industries.
We meticulously curate and cover a wide range of topics, including minimal risk management, statutory and regulatory compliance frameworks, and the consequences of non-compliance.
Our compliance audit is one-of-a-kind and simple to utilise. We go above and beyond to provide regular and continuous awareness and updates through our cloud-based portals, tracking tools, and even a mobile app that can measure your compliance score units.

Unique Features Offered by C-Quel’s Compliance Audit Service:

In depth due diligence that offers cost saving to companies
Our compliance audit reports are supporting mergers and acquisitions in a major way
Our compliance audits are ensuring industrial harmony by regulating contractor compliance from in gate to out gate and from joining to leaving
Our compliance audits are scalable, transparent and online offering full visibility to all auditees and opportunity to upload audit documents online
Our compliance audit dashboards are being presented to the Boards of major companies
Our compliance audit reports are clearly identifying high medium low risks RAG status and top corrective action plan for senior managements
Our compliance audits are providing clear visibility to senior management on adherence to compliance calendars and statutory timelines

We Conduct:

Non-labour law compliance
ESG Compliance