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PF Trust Management Software

The Right Decision for your Company

All In One Solution

Member Self Services

Interest Calculation

Investment Tracking

For various retirement benefits schemes eg:-various pension funds(Defined Benefit/Contribution,provident funds,gratuity plans,hybrid funds etc.) Web access to members for viewing their contribution history.Update contact details, calculate benefits receivable, eligibilty of various kind of part withdrawals,an online request for voluntary contribution, change of nomination part & full withdrawals. Interest can be run for any specific period during the year at any time and an administrator has right to rerun interest into the members to take quarterly balance sheet.Supports different methods like monthly running balance,on opening balance,on closing balance,duty base calculation Exhuastive investment management module which covers investment register,investment analysis, cashflow & fund allocation, tracking & monitoring of investments with various investment classifications.

Auto Import Facility

Refundable Loan & Part Withdrawals

Benefit Projection

Financial Accounting

Automatic import facility for employee master,monthly contribution, transfer in/out,settlement,loan and investment from SAP. Auto calculation of eligible amount for refundable loan and part withdrawals,history tracking,documents check. Auto calculation of benefit for retirement, surrender value & deferred benefits. Financial accounting with general ledgers, bank reconciliation, cheque printing and financial reports, P&I, trial balance and balance sheet.