_ Case Studies

Navratan PSU Oil Company

In 2003/04, the client was facing huge problem because of non-implementation of EPS’95 Pension Scheme. There were repeated strikes by the Trade Unions for this non-implementation. Despite all efforts of management they could not solve the problem. There was no compliance since 1995 to 2003 (case pending in the Supreme Court) resulting to a huge backlog of over 2500 pension claims and creating a huge union issue.

The client appointed C-Quel at that critical juncture. C-Quel was able to handle this situation very successfully and was instrumental in releasing over two thousand pension orders from 45 RPFC locations all over India. Since then C-Quel has been working as a trusted vendor of the client.

C-Quel ensured thousands of transfers from PF office Mumbai to all the zonal level PF offices.

C-Quel was successful in inviting the Union Labour Secretary and the Company Chairman to a Pension Distribution ceremony in New Delhi, whereby hundreds of Pension orders were distributed by PF office Delhi.