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POSH Training & Certification

We understand!

Sexual harassment at the workplace can be taxing to the employees as well as to the entire organization. This can eventually result in undesirable physical and emotional ramifications. All the more, it can adversely affect the productivity of employees to a great extent creating an unpleasant atmosphere, sometimes making it difficult enough even to perform normal work tasks at the workplace.
Our distinctive yet comprehensively designed POSH training module (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) is focused on imparting an extensive understanding of the prevention of sexual harassment in a workplace environment.
C-Quel’s user-friendly POSH module is perfectly curated to educate the workforce on various dimensional aspects of sexual harassment with an ultimate aim to enhance a mutually respectful working environment that promotes a congenial relationship between associates. The modules consist of a wide range of judicial terms related to the prevention of the sexual harassment act (POSH) along with real-time case studies and the latest POSH news, court judgments, and media reports also made available for viewing on mobile devices.
So, get yourself certified as “POSH compliant” with the ministry recommended POSH trainer C- Quel and discourage every small act of sexual harassment.

Finding the Right POSH Trainer in India:

When it comes to selecting a POSH trainer in India, organizations should consider the following factors:
Expertise:  Look for trainers who have in-depth knowledge of the POSH Act and its implications for different industries. They should be able to tailor the training to suit the specific needs and challenges of your organization.
Experience: Choose trainers with a proven track record of delivering effective POSH training programs. References and testimonials from past clients can help assess the trainer’s credibility and effectiveness.
Interactive Approach: The best POSH trainers employ interactive training methodologies that engage participants and encourage active participation. Case studies, role-plays, and group discussions are effective tools for promoting learning and retention.
Post-Training Support: A good POSH trainer doesn’t just deliver the training and walk away but provides ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation of POSH policies within the organization. This may include guidance on setting up internal complaints committees (ICCs) and conducting awareness campaigns.

Highlights of C-Quel’s POSH Training

Our training is not about imparting boring monotonous dialogues. We tell the POSH stories that people remember. We ignite true POSH Compliance with:-
Stories from the Workplace
Case Studies with Points to Ponder
Simply Legal
Overview of the POSH Act
Important Court Judgments
Online Portal Access
Online Certification
Prevent Sexual Harassment at the Workplace. Login to www.cquel.com/posh. Enrol your employees in hard-hitting online training that teaches employees where to draw the line.

Training Intents

Participants will be able to describe/define & understand:
Gender Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Related Judicial Pronouncements
Provisions of the Act
Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
Duties and Roles of ICC
Third-Party Harassment
Role of an Employer
Preventive Policies (organisation)
Organisational Best Practices
Conduct and Service Rules
Steps to Conduct Inquiry

Value Additions from C-Quel

Daily POSH News and Media reports are posted in the portal. This allows an opportunity for participants to refresh the learnings from the training regularly. Participants can view the portal on their mobiles and tablets as well. They can also stay updated with Case Studies from around the country for the POSH message to sink in.

Online Certification

Post reviewing the content, participants will be encouraged to take the online quiz and be certified as POSH Compliant after completing the online test.

What You Get

Whole Year’s Access @Throwaway Price
Costs Much, Much Less than a Day’s Workshop!
Easy & Inexpensive Knowledge Dissemination Since this Act Requires All Employees & ICC Members to be Trained
Online Certification for Managers & ICC through Separate Online Tests
Regular News & Case Updates at No Extra Cost
Manager’s Step by Step Roll-Out & Kick-Off Tool
Real Life POSH Case Studies & Solutions
Latest Court Judgments Analysed