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Web Based Contract Labour Management System

A Contract Labour Management System is a tool used by companies to manage their contract labour workforce. This type of software provides features for tracking employee data, time and attendance, overtime, project allocation, invoicing, and more. It is a web-based system, which means that it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
One of the primary benefits of using a Contract Labour Management System is the ability to monitor employee hours, overtime, headcount and expenses. This information is crucial for companies that need to track their project costs and ensure that their workforce is being used efficiently. With the help of Contract Labor Management Tools, companies can also streamline their payroll process and reduce errors.
Workforce Management Software is another important component of a Contract Labour Management System. This type of software is used to manage employee schedules, vacation time, and other important information. By using Workforce Management Software, companies can ensure that their contract labour workforce is available when needed and that they are working the appropriate number of hours.
Another benefit of using a Contract Labour Management System is that it can help companies comply with labour laws and regulations. By tracking employee hours and expenses, companies can ensure that they are paying their workers fairly and that they are following all applicable labour laws. This is especially important for companies that operate in multiple jurisdictions, where labour laws can vary.
Overall, a Contract Labour Management System is an essential tool for companies that rely on contract labour. By using Contract Labor Management Tools and Workforce Management Software, companies can manage their workforce more efficiently, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with labour laws. Additionally, by using a web-based system, companies can access their data from anywhere, making it easier to manage their workforce on the go.

Steps to complete ESIC registration:

We offer:

Biometric Integrated Vendor Payroll Processing online
Accurate maintenance of contract labour Registers & Returns, ensuring 100% compliance

Vendor Benefits:

On time Payroll Processing
Cloud storage of compliance records
Accurate PF, ESI, PTAX processing
Expert Advice & Inspection support


Vendor Payroll Online

Easily generate monthly vendor payroll online with unit master, workmen master, professional tax, PF, ESI, LWF and unlimited pay heads and deductions.

State-wise Compliance Calendar

We have broken down all the complex contract labour laws into monthly state-wise calendars. We will schedule, track and report all the vendor compliance activities as per the compliance calendar.

E-Inspection Tool

We create virtual Inspection box files as per State checklists to ensure that you are always ready & prepared to handle any Contract Labour Inspector whether from Labour, Factories, PF, ESI departments and so on.

E-Comply for Vendors

We help clients manage the entire contractor compliance online. Vendors are trained to upload monthly compliance documents which we audit and store for future Inspections & Audits.

Online Contract Labour Audit

Get your Factory, Office, Warehouse audits seamlessly done online. Both Labour and Non-Labour Audits can be easily done online with supporting documents.

Registers-Returns Online

Don’t worry about finding the last 3 years’ Contract Labour Registers-Returns when the Inspector shows up. All the Registers-Returns under all the different Acts are generated every month and maintained online

Licenses Online

Track the status of vendor licenses under multiple Acts. Amendments, Renewals, New Registrations, all online under the license module.

Auto SMS & Email Alerts

Get auto SMS & Email Alerts for vendor compliance, vendor corrective actions and stay updated on all Contract Labour Compliance targets.