Are you also Confused about selecting the best payroll management software?

It is difficult to find the best payroll management software for your company when so many different options are available. That is why we have brought you the Best Payroll Management Software In India to help you weigh your options and pick the best one.

As we all know, the human resources department is very important, since it manages the most valuable resource of a company – its people. Because of this, they must have enough time to devote to the people within the organisation.

Check out our Stress-Free Payroll Solution if you’re looking to simplify your Payroll processes. Our payroll software simplifies the employment process by managing the complexities of local compliance, labour contracts, payroll, benefits, and taxes.

Payroll Made Easy:

In India, C-Quel has been providing outsourced services to Fortune 500 companies, multinationals and Navratan PSUs for 19 years. Among C-Quel’s specialised services are secure online tools, mobile apps, employee help-desks, and a host of customised and user-friendly solutions. 

With over 2,000+ completed projects, 100+ critical projects implemented, and 700+ successful inspections, C-Quel has improved the experience of over 100+ customers worldwide. We create a better working environment through our Payroll Management Software. As one of the leading Payroll Management Software providers, we offer a solution that streamlines the salary generation process, calculates various taxes, generates paycheck reports, and traces employee payments.

Unique Features of C-Quel’s Payroll Management Software:

  • Biometric Integration
  • Flex-Pay
  • Increment Letters
  • Integration with employee calendars
  • Creating payslips
  • Organisation of employees by pay grade
  • Compliance
  • Payroll taxes
  • Multiple payment options
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Human resources (HR) form storage
  • Mobile Access
  • Reporting
  • Direct Bank Disbursement
  • Payroll card
  • System notifications or alerts

It is a challenge to pick the best payroll software that meets your business’s priorities and stays within your budget. We offer an affordable, flexible, and powerful payroll software solution, designed to increase efficiency and allow you to transact at pace on a single platform.