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Telangana Ease of Operations for Shops & Establishments: 365 days working & 24X7 exemption

Telangana: Exemption to Shops & Establishments to remain open on all 365 days of the year extended by 3 years w.e.f. 16.06.2019

The Government of Telangana, vide Order No. 24 dated 25-07-2019 has permitted all Shops and Establishments to remain open on all 365 days of a year subject to the adherence of the following guidelines:

Ø  The working hours of the employees must be restricted to 8 hrs a day and 48 hrs a week

Ø   OT records to be maintained separately in the wage register

Ø  Weekly holiday must be given on rotational basis to all employees as per the list provided and displayed at the entrance in Form 24

Ø  Exemption granted will be cancelled if any employee is found working on his weekly off or doing overtime without proper indent of overtime

Ø  Shops to remain open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Ø  Transport facility must be provided to female employees working beyond 8:30 PM & notice to this effect must (both in English & Telegu) shall be displayed at the main entrance

Ø  Appointment letter must be given to all employees and records of the same shall be maintained for future inspections

Ø  The Visit Book shall be maintained with a copy of the exemption

Upon violation of any condition mentioned above or any other provision of the applicable labour laws, the exemption granted shall be cancelled.

Telangana: ITES & Information Technology Establishments Exempted from the provisions of :

Ø  Section 15(opening & closing hours for establishments), 16(Daily &weekly hours of establishments)

Ø  Section 21(Restriction on young persons working in establishments beyond 7 pm. or before 6am.)

Ø  Section 23 (Restriction on women employees working in establishments to work beyond 8:30 pm or before 6am.) &

Ø  Section 31(Holidays for employees working in establishments)  of the Telangana S&E Act, 1988

Notification in effect allows ITES and Information Technology Establishments to work 24X7

Exemption granted for a period of 5 years w.e.f.. 30.05.2018 with the following guidelines:

Ø  No employee shall work for more than 48 hours a week, beyond which employees shall be entitled to overtime.

Ø  Weekly off to be given to all employees

Ø  Compensatory off to be given in lieu of notified holidays

Ø  Management can engage young and women employees during night shift subject to adequate security and transport facilities for pick up and drop of such employees

Ø  ID cards to be issued to all employees

Ø  Pre-screening to be done of all drivers. Bio Data, Driving License, Photograph, Address, Telephone number and other such details of the driver must be available with the employer.

Ø  Schedule Route of pickup and drop to be decided by a supervisory officer of the company

Ø  Telephone numbers and addresses of female employees shall not be disclosed to any unauthorised person

Ø  Route to be fixed in such a way that no female shall be picked up first and dropped last

Ø  Company must have mechanism for monitoring vehicle movement and doing random checks on them

Compliance Takeaways:

    Ensure that the Admin/Facility Team is well versed with the conditions of the exemption
    Establish a strong Facility Monitoring Team to exercise proper control and supervision

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