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Supreme Court extends benefit under the EPF Act to workers working off site on Piece-rate basis

Workers working off-site for wages in connection with the work of the company held to be “employee” under Section 2(f) of EPF Act

    In the present case, women workers were directly engaged by the Management of a Readymade Garments Company and were paid wages on piece- rate basis.
    These workers were provided with appropriate equipments to make and stitch the garments from their residences
    It was held by the Hon’ble Supreme Court that: Definition of employee under Section 2(f) of the EPF Act is an inclusive definition and will definitely include workers engaged directly or indirectly in connection with the work of the establishment in lieu of wages Merely because the women workers were permitted to work off-site, would not take away their status as employees of the establishment and thus the benefit under the EPF Act shall be extended to them.


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