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Legal Metrology Department: Companies penalised heftily for erring on Legal Metrology compliances

A 2 days’ inspection conducted by the Legal Metrology Department (Vishakhapatnam) found certain water plants and retail dealers of packaged drinking water to be violative of the Legal Metrology Rules.

These water plants and retail dealers found of not having mentioned the mandatory statutory declarations including the maximum retail price, consumer care details etc on the packages

Accordingly, 20 cases of violation of Rule 6 of the Legal Metrology (PC) Rules 2011 have been registered by the Legal Metrology Department

Further, the Legal Metrology Department has heftily penalised 7 Units in the SICOP Industrial Area, Kathua, for violating the provisions of the Legal Metrology Law.

Compliance Takeaway: Labour Compliance encompasses a number of laws which are equally important from compliance point of view and requires a robust system for efficient implementation. Is your establishment capable of handling all labour compliance issues?

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